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An Ideal Roofing Contractor If you really want to hire an ideal roofing contractor, invest time in speaking to them or their representative over the telephone or simply meet with them in person. Ask for referrals from friends and family or search the internet for nearby roofing contractors of you don’t know where to locate one. Create a shortlist of roofing contractors that you might hire and check out their individual websites. Doing background checks and research may feel like such a hassle, but it will save you a lot of future stress associated with hiring an inefficient roofing contractor. So, how exactly do you select a roofing contractor? Ask About Their Qualifications
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An obvious tip would be to NOT hire unlicensed roofing contractors. Of course having a license is not a guarantee that the roofing contractor can actually hold up their end of the bargain in terms of service and work quality. You’ll be able to better assess the commitment of a contractor when they make the effort of becoming a member of a trade association; in case the roofing contractor has even enrolled under any continuing educations training then that would be another positive sign. If the contractor says that they are a member, don’t forget to verify with the trade association and request to see certificates regarding their continuing education.
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Verify of Their Business is Permanent As you’re going from one contractor to the next, you have to be confident that the particular contract has the ability to actually complete the project that they accepted. To be certain that the project or job will be accomplished, go for the roofing contractor that can commit to the project financially. The roofing contractor should be able to provide a permanent phone number as well as an address, we highly recommend visiting their location in order to see if they have all the equipment and employees necessary in finishing the project. Verify if They have Sufficient Insurance Coverage Once you’re sure that they have insurance coverage, don’t stop there, ask how much is actually covered. Require the roofing contractor to present the certificate of insurance; these insurance certificates usually display the coverage dates as well as policy limits. Don’t forget to inquire about the compensations coverage of the workers because the owners can very well be sued for accidents occurring on their property; it’s crucial that every roofing contractor that you’re considering has workers’ compensation insurance. Safety plans should never be taken lightly, a contractor has to provide their clients with plans for every unfortunate scenario. Verify the warranty that the contractor gives out for work already performed; it usually lasts up to a year, in some cases the warranty lasts even longer.