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Tips on Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

Having a swimming pool in your yard is likely to be an expensive undertaking, not just of the cost of its structure, but that you have to be responsible in spending maintenance pool products to extend the life of the pool’s internal and external parts and this includes spending to keep the pool water safe and chemically balanced. Generally, the first thing that must be considered when a swimming pool is subject to a scheduled maintenance check is finding out on the pool’s water balance, for many valid reasons, the main one is the general safety of pool users, as a rule, a balanced pool water should register a reading of 100 parts per million (ppm) alkalinity reading or a pH value between 7.4 to 7.6 level, otherwise, the water is imbalanced and may introduce the following results in the swimming pool: the chlorine content is not enough to kill the germs and bacteria existing in the pool; the water may affect skin and eyes irritation; the imbalanced water can cause corrosion to the pool’s internal and external parts, such as liners, handrails, ladders, pump; the calcium content may either be too high or low causing for cloudy water if calcium is high and if it is low could erode the pool’s plaster finish.

Another aspect in swimming pool maintenance is the procedures to do when opening the pool for use during spring season and, therefore, these are the three considerations: clean and remove any plant debris that may land on the pool deck, patio, or right on the pool water; check on pool supplies – cleaning solutions, chlorine disinfectants including their expiry dates; removing the pool cover but first suctioning off the water that has remained on top of the cover so it will not mix with the pool water and clean thoroughly the cover.

Things to consider about maintaining the swimming pool’s water level: it is important that swimming pool skimmers, which are used to filter or catch any floating pool debris work best when the water level is found either one-third or one-half going way up the opening of the skimmer, otherwise, add water to maintain the pool’s standard water level because if the water is too low there is likely a chance that air can be sucked into the system thus burning up the pool’s filter pump motor. You actually have a choice of either hiring a professional pool cleaner to automatically clean the pool ground or do the manual task of vacuuming the pool on your own, by simply following the right procedures and doing so can be like vacuuming your own rug, just be sure that you do this cleaning task above ground, as well as in-ground of the pool and if the in-ground is unusually dirty, it’s high time to empty the pump strainer so it will be kept clean for the next round of pool use.

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