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Chris Brummer’s Contribution to the Financial and Security Laws

Financial and Securities laws cover financial dealings. Examples of financial transactions that the two handles comprise of the banking industry, enterprises, and insurance companies.Financial and securities regulations are imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that also examines firms with forges audit statements.Moreover, SEC handles all stock market dealings.In this regard, SEC calls for all entrepreneurs to act per these financial and security principles.

Chris Brummer is a global leader, a financial and security expert. He has contributed significantly to the financial and security world.From the time when Chris Brummer was hired by the White House in the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, he has dedicated his time in investigating the impacts of Chinese money to the world economy.Brummer’s tenure at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) did not end without recognition of his great contribution.

International budget and balance is determined by the underlying forces of money.As such, the international trade faces regulation by the economic giants who determine the currency. The good thing about regulating securities is that it has been able to control the effects of outside forces to the financial market as well as guarding the economy. The regional economic blocs determine to a great extent the trade balance and how a country fairs in that particular commerce zone. Chris Brummer compares the U.S. and China’s currency with a lot of concern, and he has been able to advocate for changes which cannot be ignored. For instance, the famous BREXIT arose from a feeling of insecurity resulting from an imbalance that British felt like an infringement to their economy.

Stocks, bonds, investment agreements and mineral rights are types of securities in the market.In this regard, businesses buy and sell securities by either issuer transaction or trading transactions. Even if the nationwide and the local principles call for security laws to be enforced and request entrepreneurs to list their businesses, they also banned them from conducting illegal businesses.As a result, Prof Brummer elaborates on the significance of securities regulation in controlling misconduct and economic sabotage.

Finally, looking at the GDP and the labor force, we can say that financial principles are a significant determinant to world’s economy whereby it has raised it considerably.How the country grows and develops is also determined by these regulations in addition to determining the rate of employment. Chris Brummer has discussed this topic in his many editorials. Although financial and securities laws differentiate between private and public property, it also bridges the gap between the two. The beauty of financial and security regulation is that they continue to be relevant and when followed they would change the world’s economy in great ways.

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